A little something for the wonderful Mina! I’m sorry this is a day late but unfortunately work got super busy yesterday and I ran out of time!

I used a prompt from hpfanfictionprompts for some inspiration!

Prompt 351. Harry stumbles across a carving on a tree in the Forbidden Forest.


The Forbidden Forest seemed different since he had last been here. 

The sun seemed to shine brighter through the trees, chasing away the eerie shadows that he remembered from his youth. The leaves crunched under his feet and the birds chirped. He could hear creatures moving about all around him, but the sounds were calming and natural, not unnerving. 

It was all very…normal. 

Most people would say that Harry’s life was pretty average now. Most days, Harry agreed with them. He was married, officially a Weasley now. He had a perfectly normal job at The Ministry. And he was going to be a father soon.

He had finally started to feel comfortable living his life for himself. Without having abnormal amounts of responsibilities pushed on him. Without having to have the whole world in his hands. And now, he was going to be responsible for another person. His child. And it scared him to death.

He didn’t know anything about being a parent. How he wished his parents were still alive to help him, to guide him, to tell him it was going to be okay. No matter how much he cared for Mrs. Weasley and trusted her wholeheartedly, he couldn’t shake the thought that he was going to be a miserable father. He had long since accepted that his parents were dead and were never coming back, but sometimes he just needed them. 

A branch snapped loudly to his left then and he turned just in time to see a stag bounding away into the forest.

His chest tightened at the sight. Prongs. 

He leaned against a tree as he watched the retreating animal, his heart thumping painfully as he tried to clear his head of the negative thoughts that plagued him. Once the stag was out of sight, he turned, noticing now that there was something carved into the tree he had been leaning on. 

James Potter + Lily Evans, always 

Harry couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His parents had been here once. They had been in love. They had been real. Their words were here, still, even though they were both long gone. He imagined his father carving the words, his mother smiling at him…and his heart suddenly felt fuller. It was so easy for him to push away thoughts of that last day in the forest, years ago now, when he had seen them. But now…now he remembered. 

They had promised that they had never left him. 

And they hadn’t. 

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