I follow a lot of great stories and authors, but I’ve decided to compile a list of some of the very best overall who you can count on to have an amazing list of work!

I’ve included the ff.net link & tumblr URL when applicable, and a main ship or two that I generally read from each author.

I KNOW most of these are Jily…but, alas, you’re probably not surprised. 

In no particular order…

1. Wilhelmina Willoughby / suchastart [Jily/Marauders]

2. CokeBottleK / cokebottleglassesarecool [Jily/Marauders]

3. GhostOfBambi / Ghost-of-Bambi [Jily/Marauders]

4. HawthornBlood141 [Romione]

5. B.C Daily / bcdaily [Jily/Marauders]

6. writergirl8 / Rongasm [Romione]

7. astral symphony / astralsymphony [Jily/Marauders]

8. jamespotterthefirst / benjyfenwick [Jily/Marauders]

9. SunshineDaisiesWindmills / sunshinedaisieswindmills [Jily/Marauders]

10. MagEd [Romione, Jily]

11. Random-Musings / offbeatorbit [Jily/Marauders]

12. maraudersmaps / timeturner [Jily/Marauders]

13. veritaserumkills / marlenemckinnons [Romione, Marauders]

14. with the monsters [Next Gen]

15. jamesthestagwhore [Jily/Marauders]

16. little0bird [Hinny/Romione]

17. HawthornBlood141 / hawthornblood141 [Romione]

18. little0bird [Hinny, Remadora, NextGen]

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